HTC U12 Perform Wipe Cache Partition - Tip

You can optimize the performance of the HTC U12 by clearing the smartphone's cache. This is done by a so-called Wipe Cache partition. This is done via the Recovery menu as follows:

Increase Performance and Troubleshoot - Wipe Cache Partition

1. Turn off your HTC U12 completely by shutting it down

2. Turn on the HTC U12 again, but press the following keys simultaneously from the beginning:

  • Power key
  • Volume down key

3. Hold down both keys until the "Download Mode" appears on the screen of the HTC U12.

4. Select "Reboot to Bootloader" by pressing the volume button and confirm the process by pressing the power button.

5. Navigate on to the entry "Reboot to Recovery Mode". A menu appears again. Here please select "Reboot to Recovery Menu".

6. Now a smartphone and a red symbol are shown on the display. Press and hold the Power key and press the Volume Loud key once.

7. The boot menu will now appear. Please select "Wipe Cache Partition" with the Volume keys.

8. Confirm the process by pressing the Power key. Now the Wipe Cache will be executed. Afterwards you can restart the device via "Reboot Now".

This should now correct the performance and any errors on the HTC U12



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