HTC U12 Plus Activate blue light filter - Solved

The HTC U12 Plus has several integrated functions to make working with the device easier. This also includes the blue light filter. If this is activated, less blue light is emitted by the display. This is more pleasant for the eye or the organism itself.

Because blue light makes you awake. Especially in the evening, when you are surfing on your smartphone in bed, it is advisable to activate the blue light filter on the HTC U12 Plus. And this is how it works:

1. Open the Android settings on the HTC U12 Plus

2.Navigate to "Display and Finger Movements"

3. Tap on "Night Mode" and then on the slider to switch this function on.

4. You can also adjust the intensity of the blue light filter. Move the slider to adjust the color temperature of the filter.

Drag the Intensity slider to the right to filter out more blue light. In addition, you can enable "Auto Power On" and then set a schedule for when to activate the function.

Once you have set a schedule on the HTC U12 Plus, tap the On/Off button to turn it off. Your HTC U12 Plus will then follow the blue light filter schedule you set.


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