HTC U12 Plus App Move icons to other home screen page - Tip

If you're tidying up your HTC U12 Plus home screen, you need to move apps or widgets from one side to the other.

How to move app icons or widgets from one home screen side to the other is explained here:

1. Press and hold the app icon that you want to move

2. Now don't move the icon itself, but take your second hand and wipe it to the next page

3. The home screen page changes now, the app icon, which you still press with your finger, remains fixed.

4. Let’s move the app icon from one home screen page to the next. Now release the app icon to place it on the new page of the start screen.

That was it already. =)

You now know how to move icons from one side of the Home screen to another on the HTC U12 Plus App.