HTC U12 Plus Format MicroSD memory card as internal memory

The HTC U12 Plus has the possibility to expand the memory via Micro SD card. This is practical, especially if you always want to have all your data with you when you're on the move.

Another useful function of the memory card is that you can also store data on this app to get space on the internal memory. The Micro SD card is formatted as internal memory as follows.

1. Open the settings on your HTC U12 Plus

2. Under "Portable Memory", select the gear icon next to the name of the Micro SD Memory Card

3. Then navigate to "Format as internal memory"

4. In the next steps, go to "Delete & Format" --> Format.

The following MicroSD memory card is ideal for the smartphone as it has a sufficient write and read speed:

You can then move your installed apps and data from the internal memory to the Micro SD memory card.


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