Huawei P10 Calibrate Compass - Manual

The Huawei P10 has an integrated magnetic sensor, which can be used in combination with an App as a compass. This compass recognizes the magnetic fields of the earth and shows you the direction based on them. Now the compass may show you a wrong direction within the app. This is mostly due to the fact that the compass has to be calibrated. The following instructions explain how this works with the Huawei P10:

To do this, please open an app that accesses the magnetic sensor. Every Compass App from the Google Play Store is suitable for this purpose. Proceed as follows to calibrate the compass:

  1. Turn the phone once around each axis
  2. Move the Huawei P10 in the form of an eight in front of your body
  3. Make sure that there are no sources of interference such as heating etc. in the vicinity (optimally outdoors)

The compass of the Huawei P10 is then properly calibrated again and should display the cardinal points correctly. They now know how to calibrate the compass or magnet sensor on the Huawei P10.

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