Huawei P20 Hide Notch via the settings – Tip

The Huawei P20 has a cutout for the camera and the earcup at the top of the display. This is called "Notch" in technical jargon. The display continues to run to the right and left of it, which is why many users are bothered by it.

The notch has already led to many controversies on iPhone X. Huawei has therefore created the possibility to hide the P20 in the Android settings. We'll explain how to do that here:

Make Notch on the Huawei P20 (almost) invisible

Huawei P20 Pro

1. Open the settings

2. On the Huawei P20, go to "Display" and then to "Notch"

3. You can now select whether you want to show or hide it - select "Hide" here

Afterwards black bars are displayed next to the Notch, which suggest to you that this is not available. It's definitely a way to make it a little invisible, but we don't like that option.

Then better a display with notch. Especially since Android P will also come with support by the system for the Notch. This makes it even better integrated.


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