Huawei P20 Pro has a Sim Lock? Test

Some Huawei P20 Pro are equipped with a Sim Lock. This is the case with various mobile phone providers who want to link a customer to the contract with the smartphone. If your own Huawei P20 Pro has such a Sim lock can be checked with a secret menu.

Where you can find this menu, we show you here:

Sim Lock available? How to test it on the Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

1. Open the phone app and enter the following code using the numeric keypad:

  • *#*#2846579#*#*

2. After entering the last asterisk, the secret service menu appears

3. Here you can select the following entry:

  • Network Information Query

4. Where you will find the entry "Sim Lock Info" in the next submenu. Select it and a message appears on the screen that looks like this:


Depending on whether it is active or inactive, your Huawei P20 Pro can be used with another SIM card or not.



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