Instagram Feed could not be reloaded - Tips for solution

Instagram usually works really well most of the time and you have access to the news feed, as well as your own profile. But sometimes the error message "Instagram Feed could not be reloaded" may appear for no apparent reason.

The app can be opened as usual on your iPhone or Android smartphone, but when we try to update the feed of the latest photos, the error message "Could not reload the feed" appears.

That's annoying. So here are a few tricks that have helped users to fix this Instagram error in the past.

Network connectivity

The most common cause of this error is the interruption of the network connection. If you see the error, you should check your network connection first. First check whether your WLAN or mobile network is activated.

Even if one of the two connections is connected, the Instagram error can still occur if the signal of the corresponding network is weak, such as in the Edge network. Change the location or the network (from mobile to W-Lan or vice versa) until the network signal is strong enough.

Network connection Limitation of mobile data volume: If your mobile data volume is limited, you may encounter the problem at the end of each month.  If this is the case, then the feed error is probably caused by your mobile operator throttling your mobile data after a certain amount of data in a month.

Contact your mobile phone provider to solve the problem or change to another contract. Mobile connection overloaded: The Instagram error can also occur when many people try to use a mobile network simultaneously.

This is the case, for example, at a concert, festival or football match. Here you should wait until you are in a less frequented environment.

Restart your smartphone

Restarting the smartphone very often helps to fix the problem. The operating system is often overloaded because processes accumulate over a long period of time without restarting, which in turn can lead to the malfunction.

Therefore one should try this in any case briefly.

Update or reinstall the Instagram App

An obsolete version of the Instagram app may contain errors or obsolete shortcuts that cause problems with the feed when updating. It is therefore recommended to update the Instagram application regularly.

If you already have the latest Instagram App version installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can also try to fix the problem by completely reinstalling the Instagram App.

Delete inappropriate post or comment

You can also receive the error if you have received an inappropriate post, photo or comment in your account. The best way to find out if something is wrong with your Instagram account is to log on to your computer or laptop using your browser.

If such a contribution can be found here, you will receive the message when you log in via your browser. Delete the affected post. If the problem persists, you can resolve the problem by reporting the error to Instagram:

 In Instagram, tap: Settings icon -->"Report a problem" -->"Something is not working"

Describe the problem and an Instagram technician will take care of it. You now know various options that you can use if the "Instagram feed could not be reloaded" error is displayed on your smartphone.

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