iPhone Block suppressed phone numbers automatically - Solved

If a caller does not want his or her telephone number to be transmitted, he or she uses the so-called suppressed call. This means that only "Private number" or "Unknown" appears on your iPhone when this contact calls. Unfortunately, it is often annoying calls that are "suppressed" and so you may want to block them in general. Here we explain exactly how this works with the iPhone:

Automatically block unknown phone numbers on your iPhone:

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone and select "Don't disturb".
  2. Activate the "Do not disturb mode" by means of the controller.
  3. Select "Allow calls from" and then "All Contacts

As a result of this setting, you will only receive calls from the numbers that are stored in the contacts list.

Now opens Settings --> Do not disturb. Now activate the entry "Always" for "Mute".

Settings --> Do not disturb --> Activate the entry "Always" for "Mute".

Non-interference mode is now active on the iPhone and you will no longer receive calls from unwanted suppressed numbers. Please note that you will only receive calls from the contacts you have saved in your contact list! This means that you can no longer reach unsuppressed telephone numbers as long as they are not in your phone book.


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