iPhone - what does the moon symbol mean

There are many icons on the iPhone that you can see in the status bar or notification bar at the top of the display. One of these symbols has the shape of a moon. If you don't know what the meaning of this moon symbol is in iOS at the moment, then this post should quickly give you the resolution for it:

The moon icon is always displayed in the iPhone's status bar when the non-interference mode is active. This mode is mostly used at night, which is why Apple used the symbol of a moon. However, you can also use the Non Interrupt mode to automatically block unknown calls. Here you might wonder why a moon symbol is shown to you.

In any case, you now know why the moon icon appears in the status bar of your iPhone. If you want to deactivate it or the non-interference mode, then open it:

Settings --> Do not disturb

Disables the setting using the slider. The moon symbol in the notification bar now disappears.


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