iPhone X Block unwanted callers - Solution

Unfortunately, you always have it. Calls you don't want. Be it from call agencies who want to sell you something or acquaintances you don't want anything to do with anymore. Anyway, whatever. The iPhone X offers you the possibility to easily block these contacts. This means that they are automatically rejected when a new call is made. So you are not disturbed and everything is fine =).

You can easily deactivate a call on iPhone X as follows:

  1. Block phone number from history

Opens the phone app and then the "call list". Tap the Info icon next to the number you want to lock. A menu opens, where you can now select "Block contact". Confirms the entry with the button "Block contact".

  1. Blocking a phone number from the directory

Open the phone app and then "Contacts". Selects the corresponding contact and blocks it via "Block contact".

  1. Block phone numbers that are suppressed

We have written the following instructions for you: Blocking unknown calls on iPhone

You now know how to block calls on iPhone X that bother you.