iPhone X Slow W-Lan Internet connection - Solved

If you have problems with the W-Lan on iPhone X and an insufficient download or upload rate, please try the following tips to fix them. Since it is not always possible to define the exact cause, we have summarized a number of tips for you to fix the problem with slow Wi-Fi.

  1. Turning WLAN off and on

Activating and deactivating the WLAN for a short time very often helps to solve the problem.

  1. Deactivating Bluetooth

It is possible that the W-Lan connection is throttled when Bluetooth is activated. Therefore, please test whether deactivating the Bluetooth connection accelerates the W-Lan connection.

  1. Switch W-Lan to 5.4 Ghz mode - Router

Trie to set your W-Lan router to connect to 5.4 Ghz mode only if possible.

  1. Restart iPhone X

Restarts your iPhone X once. This can also often help to optimize the speed

  1. Update iOS on iPhone X

Is the latest iOS firmware installed on your iPhone X? If not, then please update your smartphone, as newer firmware versions often include improvements with regard to W-Lan or modem.

  1. Deactivate system service "WLAN network"

Please navigate to: Settings --> Privacy --> Location services --> System services

Please deactivate "W-Lan networks" here

  1. Reset network settings

Opens to reset the network settings: Settings --> General --> Reset Now selects "Network settings" from

  1. Try another speed test or vary the time of the test

Last but not least please test another speed test provider to at least find out if the test results of the W-Lan connection are not falsified by the provider.

Performing the test at a different time can also help. We hope that one of the tips has helped to solve the problems with the W-Lan speed of your iPhone X.

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