Jurassic World Alive GPS Signal Not Found - Solved

The game Jurassic World Alive requires an Internet connection and of course a GPS signal to determine your location on the map. This is the only way to use the map in Jurassic World Alive to find new dinosaurs like the T-Rex.

However, you may now receive the following error message in Jurassic World Alive:

"GPS not activated - No device signal was found”

Make sure that this app allows access to your location. "If you get this error on your Android smartphone, we would like to show you the most important tips that can help you to solve the problem:

Jurassic World Alive Fix GPS signal problems on Android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy smartphones:

Is GPS enabled on your Android smartphone?

This is the first place you should check. It is also very easy to check this. Drag the status bar on your Android smartphone from above into the screen. Here you should now see a GPS symbol. This must be selected if it is activated. If you do not see a GPS toggle, you have to open the extended view in the status bar to see all quick start toggles. If the GPS is not activated on your Android smartphone, touch the icon so that it is now marked as active.

Is the location accuracy set to "high"?

The location accuracy under Android should have been set to high. This is the only way to play Jurassic World Alive without problems. On Android, the setting is as follows: Open: Homescreen --> Settings --> Privacy & Security --> Location Mode

Depending on the Android device you are using, this submenu may be slightly different.

If you have carried out step 1 correctly, then it is "active". Now touch "Search method". In any case, select the following setting here: GPS, WLAN and mobile networks

This has enabled the highest location accuracy and Jurassic World Alive should no longer cause the GPS signal error.

Update AGPS data

If no GPS signal has been found for Jurassic World Alive, you may need to update the AGPS data. Unfortunately, such a feature is not available in Android, so you will need to use the following app:

If you have installed the app on your Android smartphone, please open it. If you have not already done so, switch the GPS of your smartphone to "On".

Now open the menu in the app GPS-Test. Select "Settings". You are now in the menu for the app settings. There you will find two buttons at the top.

Now press:

  • Clear AGPS
  • Update AGPS

You have successfully reset the A-GPS data on your Android smartphone and loaded the new data. Restart your phone and open Jurassic World Alive.

The GPS signal error should no longer be present. These tips should help you create a GPS signal at Jurassic World Alive.

We also recommend that you activate the GPS connection outdoors. Here you can reach a GPS fix faster.

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