LG V30 Enable Wi-Fi Calling – Tip

If you have purchased an LG V30, you can use WiFi calling with Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2. The prerequisite for this is that you have chosen a contract that supports WiFi calling.

With WiFi calling you use your W-Lan network at home instead of the mobile connection. This usually improves the voice quality of telephone calls. Especially if the mobile network in the house is rather weak, WiFi calling makes sense.

To use Wi-Fi calls, you must first turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a wireless network. Then tap on any start screen on your LG V30:

  • Apps --> Settings --> Networks --> Call

Tap the Wi-Fi call button to activate it on the LG V30.

Wi-Fi calling is now active and you can use this option. Now it makes sense to set the connection preference so that your telephone knows when you want to make calls via WLAN and when via the mobile network.

To set the connection preference for the LG V30 for Wi-Fi calls or over the mobile network, follow these steps: Navigate back to from the home screen to:

  • Apps --> Settings --> Networks --> Call

Tap Wi-Fi Call --> Connection Settings. Select the desired connection preference here: Wi-Fi prefers mobile networks

You now know how to activate Wi-Fi calling on the LG V30 and thus use the W-Lan network for telephoning.


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