LG V30 How to disable Mailbox

With this code, anyone who has purchased a LG V30 via a new mobile phone contract may now have an activated mailbox to deal with. This means that calls are automatically forwarded to the answering machine if you don't answer or reject the call.

However, if you prefer not to use the mailbox, but to deactivate it instead, simply use the following method:

Deactivate mailbox using GSM code and the LG V30 - Instructions

  1. Open the phone app on your LG V30 from the Home screen
  2. Switch to the keypad with which you can normally enter phone numbers
  3. Now enter the following GSM network code: ##002#
  4. Press the green handset or "Call" to send the code and deactivate the mailbox.

On your LG V30, the mailbox is now inactive because the code has now switched off all call diversions.


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