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If you get calls on your smartphone from a number that annoys you, you will want to block them in any case. If you have now put the number on the blacklist or installed a corresponding app, then it can be that the blocked caller is simply forwarded to the mailbox.

This is of course annoying, because then you will receive several times a day an information that you have received a new message on the mailbox. On this the call of the blocked number is then recorded. So how can you block certain persons or special phone numbers for the mailbox?

Unfortunately, this is not possible for the time being. Because such a function does not exist especially for the mailbox.

But if you have the problem as described above, then perhaps the following trick helps you:

The caller, if his number is blocked, is simply rejected automatically. You can now specify that the mailbox should not be activated if a call is rejected. We'll explain exactly how this works here:

For Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Please navigate to the phone app from the Home screen. Tap on the symbol with the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Settings". It then opens:

Then go to "Caller settings" and from there to "Other settings". You are now in a submenu where you can store data with your mobile phone provider.

Tap on "Call forwarding" --> "Voice call".  Now remove the stored phone number:

For Huawei smartphones

Open the phone app on your Huawei smartphone and tap the icon with the three dots in the lower right corner. Navigate from there to "Settings" and then on to "Call forwarding". Now remove the forwarding to mailbox for the following case: "Forward if busy" Done!

This means that calls that are automatically rejected should no longer be forwarded to the mailbox.

For Apple iPhone

On the iPhone you can unfortunately only activate or deactivate call forwarding. Therefore use the following network code, which is entered via the phone app.

Deactivate call forwarding when busy on the iPhone

  • ##67#

Send the network code by pressing the green handset once, as if you wanted to make these calls. This network code also works for all other smartphones and mobile phones!

You now know a simple trick for various smartphones on how to keep blocked people away from your mailbox.

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