Move Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Transfer App data to memory card

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers you the possibility to expand the internal memory with a micro SD memory card. This gives you more storage space in total.

In order to make the best use of the memory card in your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it makes sense to transfer app data to it as well. The Android operating system makes this possible. Here we show you how:

On the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 please navigate to the following submenu of the Android settings:

  • Homescreen --> Settings --> Apps

Now search for the app where you want to transfer the app data to the Micro SD memory card. Select it and you will see more app information. Now select "Memory".

Under "Memory" select the button "Change". You can now change the location from "Device Memory" to "SD Card". Ready!

Depending on the size of the app data, it is now transferred to the micro SD memory card of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Repeat this procedure for all the apps you want to move to the memory card.


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