MP3 song as a ringing tone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - here's how it works:

Open the App menu from the start screen and open the settings. Here you will find the menu item "Tones & Vibration". Touch this menu item and the corresponding submenu will open.

In this menu you can now select the menu item "Ringtone". A list will now appear listing all the ringtones currently available on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. These are usually those already available through the system, the mobile operator or Samsung. However, the list does not yet include your own MP3 songs (including the song played in preparation) on your smartphone.

To add a new MP3 ringtone, select the "Add from phone" button at the end of the list. A window will now open with "Close process with"- Select "Sound Selection" and the corresponding window will open. You can now view all songs stored in MP3 format on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Now select an MP3 song that you want to use as an active ringing tone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you have selected this option, it will now play back, allowing you to check whether this MP3 file is suitable for ringtone use. If you are satisfied with the selection, you can accept the selected MP3 song by tapping the "Ok" button at the top.

You have now added an MP3 ringtone to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is stored as an MP3 file on the internal memory or memory card. If you now receive a call on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this ring tone will be played from now on. You have thus designed and adapted the Phablet even more individually. Enjoy your new MP3 ringtone.

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