Mute Instagram Stories - Solved

Instagram offers its users stories of friends, acquaintances and other channels at the top of the home page. If there is a person who puts a lot of stories online and you don't want to see them anymore, you can mute them. This works in the Instagram app on iPhone and Android as follows:

To mute an Instagram story, press and hold the person's story profile image with your finger at the top of the feed in the Stories section until a context menu appears.

  • In it you can tap on the option "Mute username".

This now has the effect that stories of this person or this channel will be muted in the future.

If you want to activate them again from mute to active, proceed as follows: A story that has been muted appears at the very end of the story list at the top. The user's profile picture is highlighted in gray.

Press and hold with your finger on the profile picture again and select:

  • Unmute username

Mute and unmute a story has been nicely solved in Instagram and you now know how it works.


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