Nokia 6.1 This is how the screenshot works

The Nokia 6.1 is a very nice middle class smartphone, which has many features. But we don't want to go into the technical data of the smartphone here, but come straight to one of the most important functions:

How to take a screenshot on the Nokia 6.1. So let's take a quick look at the most important method Nokia has given Nokia 6.1:

The screenshot via key combination. How to do this is explained in our step-by-step instructions:

Take a screenshot on your Nokia 6.1

  1. First display on the screen what you want to see in the screenshot
  2. Press the following buttons simultaneously for two seconds: Power button Volume down button
  3. This will now trigger the screenshot, which will be indicated by sound and display on the screen.

The screenshot is then in the Nokia 6.1 gallery or is stored under the directory path DCIM/screenshots. You now know how to take a screenshot on the Nokia 6.1.



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