Nokia Enable Android developer options – Tip

The cult brand Nokia now also uses the Android operating system for its smartphones, which means that many functions known from other Android smartphones also work on a Nokia smartphone.

This also includes enabling or activating the developer options. Where to activate them within the Android system on your Nokia can be found out here:

How to activate developer options on all Nokia smartphones with Android,

  1. Open the menu from the start screen and then the settings
  2. Scroll down to "About the phone" or "Device information" and select the entry from
  3. Then click on "Software" and then on "Build number" (depending on the Android version, this entry may also appear a menu before)
  4. Tap "Build number" several times - the developer options will now become active! You can now activate various functions in the developer options of your Nokia smartphone.

The most important option here is probably USB debugging, which often helps with connection problems with the PC.


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