Nvidia Control Panel is missing - Solved

If you have installed a NVidia graphics card on your PC or laptop, you may want to use the Nvidia system control. However, it can now be that this is missing and cannot be found. If this is the case, we will show you where to find them in Windows.

  1. NVidia system control in the taskbar

To do this, touch the arrow in the taskbar at the bottom right. This will now open the taskbar menu in Windows. This should now be the NVidia Control Panel. If she's not there, then use our second way.

  1. NVidia Control Panel via the context menu

Right-click a free space on the desktop to open the context menu. Here you can see the Nvidia control panel:

  1. Reinstall the graphics card driver

If you should not be able to see any Nvidia control panel here, then a part was omitted or the installation was not successful. Here we recommend to download and install the driver on the official Nvidia website:

  • Download Nvidia graphic card driver

After that you should be able to find the control panel of the graphics card driver using one of the above methods.