OnePlus 6 Add a new page to the Home screen

If you don't have enough space on the OnePlus 6 Home screen or don't have enough room for apps and widgets, you can add a new page to the Home screen.

This works a bit differently for every smartphone. That's why we want to show you exactly how to add a new home screen page to OnePlus 6:

1. Search for an app on the last home screen page

2. Press and hold the app until it can be moved

3. Drag the app to the edge and a new home screen page will be added Important is that you are on the last page of your home screen.

Only then can a new page be added. Otherwise the app is simply moved to the next page, which of course does not correspond to the desired effect.

You now know how to add a new page to the OnePlus 6 home screen to create more space for apps and widgets.


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