OnePlus 6 screenshot method - simplest variant

An important function, which is often used in everyday life, is the screenshot. The screenshot takes the current screen content displayed on the display and saves it in an image file.

If you would like to know how such a screenshot is carried out on the OnePlus 6, please read the following instructions: The screenshot on the OnePlus 6 can be executed in different ways:

Variant 1: Key combination

To execute the screenshot on the OnePlus 6 using a key combination, press and hold the following two keys simultaneously for approx. 2 seconds: Power On/Off Volume Quieter

Variant 2: Power Off Menu

Press and hold the Power key. A menu will appear where you can switch off the power completely and use other functions such as the screenshot.

Variant 3: Wipe with three fingers

This function must first be activated in the settings. Navigate to it on:

  • Settings --> Gestures --> Three-Finger-Screenshot

Activate the option with the slider.

If the gesture is activated, you must now wipe the screen with three fingers to create a screenshot.

You now know three different ways to take a screenshot with OnePlus 6.


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