OnePlus 6 Slow Motion Video Recording - Tip

Almost every new midrange and high-end smartphone offers a camera that can record slow motion videos. These slow-motion shots can display speeds more slowly as more frames per second are captured than is the case with normal video recording.

The OnePlus 6 can also record slow motion videos. We would like to show you exactly how this works here in detail:

  1. Open the camera app
  2. In the live screen wipe once upwards in portrait mode or once to the left in landscape mode. You will now be shown the different camera modes.
  3. Now select the mode "slow motion"
  4. You can now set how strong the slow motion effect should be. Select:
  • HD with 720p and 480 fps
  • Full HD with 1080p and 240 fps

The slow motion effect with "480 fps" is of course larger, since more frames per second are recorded here.

You now know how to record a slow motion video on the OnePlus 6.

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