OnePlus 6 Which Sim Card is needed - Solved!

If you are interested in the new OnePlus 6 and would like to purchase it, please remember that the Sim card you are currently using must fit into the new smartphone. This is because there are three different types of Sim cards in circulation and they are not compatible with each other.

The following Sim card needs the OnePlus 6:

Nano Sim card If you don't have this card yet, you can use one of the following options to get a Nano Sim card.

Sim Card Punch

With the Sim Card Punch it is very easy to punch out the Nano Sim Card for the OnePlus 6 from an existing standard or Micro Sim Card. You can get such a punch for example at the online retailer Amazon.


By means of a perforation (if available), you can very easily push your Sim card out of the existing standard or Micro. Most modern Sim cards have such a perforation already integrated. It is also known under the name "Multi-Sim".

Request online

For an amount of 10 - 25€ you can also request a new Nano Sim card for the OnePlus 6 online from your mobile phone provider, usually via the Online Service Center.

Now you know which Sim card needs the OnePlus 6 and what you can do to get such a card.

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