Open HTC U12+ Easter Egg in Android - Tip

Every Android system contains a so-called Easter Egg. This is a small programming which was hidden inside the operating system by the developers. Mostly it is a small game or a "niceness".

The name Easter Egg comes from the fact that you can't simply find this programming, but have to search like an Easter egg. So that you can save yourself the search, we will show you in the following article how to find the Easter Egg on the HTC U12+:

1. Open the menu and there the settings

2. Scroll down to "Phone info" and open the entry

3. Next it goes to software information

4. Now quickly tap on "Android version"

5. A yellow circle appears - Tap it several times and then once long

This will display the Easter Egg, in the case of Android Oreo an octopus.

You now know how to find the Android Easter Egg on the HTC U12+.


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