PlayStation 4 How to activate Parental Control? Solved!

If you allow your children to play with a PlayStation 4, you may want to limit the time the child can spend in front of the console for educational reasons.

With PlayStation 4 this is possible and this article should help you to set the time in the settings:

To activate the PlayStation 4's navigate within the main menu to:

  1. Settings ---> Parental Control/Family Management
  2. Family management ---> Main account
  3. Here the subaccounts of your child or children should be created

Important! The time can only be set for subaccounts!

Select a subaccount and you will see the following option:

Time frames, limits and certain actions at the end of a session can be defined using three simple settings:

Set up play time restrictions

This activates the parental control for the play time. The options that are available are: In this section you can set a time frame for using the console. You can set an individual playing time for different days. In this way, a setting can be made for each day:

  • Playing time
  • start time
  • end time

This function is useful because parents can set a longer time for playing on Playstation 4 for the children on the WE than is permitted during the week.

Action after the end of the game time

There are two options here:

  • Only tell (soft variant)
  • Log out from PS4 (strict variant)

If only "Tell" is selected, then only an info appears that the game time is over, but the child can still use the console. With the option "Log out from PS4" the player is logged out directly regardless of a memory point.

If you select "Tell only", your children will be informed by a message that the game time has elapsed. This message will be displayed every five minutes.

If this option is activated, the session can be continued until it is manually interrupted. The option "Log out from PS4" logs your children off the console so that they can no longer use them.

A warning will be displayed 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes before the end of the game.

You now know how to limit Playstation 4's play time for children and what options are available.

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