Playstation 4 How to format hard disk - manual

The Playstation 4 console has an internal hard disk installed, which can of course be formatted like any other hard disk. So you can delete all data contained on it and install a file system which accepts the PS4.

This process is also useful if you want to restore the default settings as they were at the factory. Below we have written a guide for you which describes exactly how to format a hard disk with the Playstation 4 and reset the system:

  1. Open the settings of your Playstation 4 console
  2. Scroll down and select "Initialization" from
  3. Now select "Restore default settings".
  4. You will now be warned that all game data will be lost
  5. Confirm this with "Restore" and "Yes" to start the formatting process.

The PS4 will now be formatted. Do not switch off the console during this time, otherwise complications may occur!

Then the hard disk of the PS4 is formatted and you can start with the new setup. You now know how to format the Playstation 4 hard drive quickly and easily using the console's system settings.


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