Recovering files from Android trash? Solved

One reads again and again that there is a trash can under Android in which, for example, pictures and videos are stored for 30 days until they are completely deleted. The talk about the "trash can" in Android is unfortunately not quite correct and therefore we want to inform you here about the topic "Recovering files from Android trash can".

First of all, there is no such recycle bin within Android. Google has not integrated such a possibility to restore deleted images from a trash again.

However, there are smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei that have integrated such a function via the gallery app or cloud.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones - Trash can via the cloud

If you synchronize your photos and video via the gallery app into the cloud, then you also have a trash can available. If you don't use the cloud service, you don't have a trash can.

Huawei Smartphones

Newer models have a trash can in the gallery app here. Deleted images and videos are stored here for 30 days until they are finally deleted.

A recycle bin is a useful feature that may be introduced with newer Android versions, but is not yet covered by the standard Android.

If you want to use such a function, you have to use third-party apps from the Google Play Store in addition to the variants offered by the manufacturers.

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