Resetting Nokia 8 to factory defaults - How to use Nokia 8

By means of a factory reset, the Nokia 8 can be reset to factory defaults and all data can be deleted. The smartphone is thus reset to the delivery status. This is necessary, for example, if you have serious problems with the software or want to sell Nokia 8.

How to do such a factory reset on the Nokia 8 is explained in detail in our article:

  1. Open the system settings of Android
  2. Now select the entry "Save and Reset" in the list.
  3. Continue with "Return to factory settings" - Attention! If you confirm with "Ok", all data on the device will be deleted and Android will be reloaded.
  4. Confirm the process

The Nokia 8 will now be reset and restarted. The setup wizard that you saw during the initial setup will now reappear. You now know how to reset the Nokia 8 to factory defaults.



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