Samsung Galaxy A3 problems after update to Android 8.0 Oreo - Tip

If you have finally received the firmware update to Android 8.0 Oreo for your Samsung Galaxy A3, the joy may be clouded because of problems and errors with the new operating system.

These can include, for example, that the battery gets hot, the system surface jerks, performance is poor and much more. If something like this comes back to you after the update, you can simply use the following tip.

The tip is a so-called wipe cache partition.

The Samsung Galaxy A3 deletes old system files from older versions of Android. In combination with Android Oreo these often cause problems and therefore the Wipe Cache Partition often solves the problems described above.

And so the Wipe Cache Partition can be performed on the Samsung Galaxy A3:

  1. You must first activate the recovery mode. You can access these as follows:

Press and hold:

  • Power On/OFF
  • Volume up
  1. Press and hold the key combination until an Android figure appears on the display.
  2. Release the power button ONLY. The other two keys must still be pressed.
  3. The Recovery menu will appear on your Samsung Galaxy A3 display. In it you can now navigate as follows:
  • Volume keys = Move up and down
  • Power key = Select entry
  1. Now uses the volume keys to highlight the following entry:
  • Wipe Cache Partition

This will now perform the operation on the Samsung Galaxy A3. This happened after about 1 second. Then select the topmost entry with "Reboot Now".

Your Samsung Galaxy A3 will now restart and should then run normally with the new Android 8.0 Oreo again.

We hope that this is also the case with you. If not, just write us in the comments ;-) (Of course even if it worked =)).


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