Samsung Galaxy A6 Get IMEI Number - Via Android and code

The Samsung Galaxy A6 is uniquely identifiable via the IMEI number. Therefore, you should make a note of this number in case the device gets lost. Where you can see the IMEi number on your Samsung Galaxy A6 is explained in our instructions:

View IMEI via Android

To do this, open the menu and then the Android system settings on your Samsung Galaxy A6 from the start screen. Then press "Device Information" and then "Status". Here you can see various entries for your Samsung Galaxy A6, one of them is "IMEI". Here you can see your IMEI serial number.


If you don't have your Samsung Galaxy A6 with you because it was lost, for example, take a look at the packaging of the Samsung Galaxy A6, where you can also find the IMEI of your smartphone on a sticker.

Display IMEI via Service Code

You can also display the IMEI via Service Code. To do this, open the phone app and then the keypad. Now enter the following code:

  • #06#

The IMEi is now displayed in a pop-up window. These three methods are best suited to quickly look up the IMEI number of the Samsung Galaxy A6.


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