Samsung Galaxy A6 How to add Widget to your home screen

The Samsung Galaxy A6 home screen can be populated with apps and widgets. Widgets are small functional areas that can display data directly from apps. So there are weather widgets, calendar widgets, contacts widgets and many more.

If you have not yet added such a widget yourself, but only used the default widgets, then you want to know for sure how exactly such a widget can be added to the start screen.

  1. Press and hold your finger on a free area of the home screen
  2. Which will contract and give you various options
  3. Select "Widgets"
  4. You will now see all the widgets you have available for placement on the home screen. Scroll through the list and select one by holding your finger on it and moving the widget on the home screen to where you want it to be.
  5. Release the widget to place it firmly

You have now successfully placed a widget on the start screen and can now access the information inside it.

If you want to add more apps, please repeat the above steps. If you have added a widget to your Samsung Galaxy A6 Home screen or simply want to remove the default widgets from the home screen, please proceed as follows:

To do this, press and hold the widget you want to delete until a small pop-up appears with the info:

  • "Remove from home screen"

Touch the entry and the corresponding widget will then disappear from your home screen.

You must perform these steps for all widgets that you want to delete from the splash screen. You now know how to remove widgets from the Samsung Galaxy A6.

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