Samsung Galaxy A6 How to display battery in percent

In the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy A6 you can display various information. Among other things you will find here a battery icon, which shows you the remaining battery graphically.

Since the display is very inaccurate, the battery display can also be shown as a percentage. If this is not yet visible in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy A6, it can be displayed as follows: Open the app menu and then the Android system settings.

Now navigate to "Device maintenance" and then to "Battery" in the menu bar at the bottom. Press the symbol with the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and the "Advanced Settings" button. Here you now see the option "Remaining battery charge" and then "Status bar display in %".

Activate the option using the slider. You will now see a percentage battery indicator in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy A6.

This way you can always see exactly to what percentage the battery is discharged.



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