Samsung Galaxy A6 How to sort contacts by last name

The contacts app on the Samsung Galaxy A6 is automatically sorted by first name at the factory and displays it in the list. However, if you use the Samsung Galaxy A6 for business most of the time, it can be useful and practical if your contacts are sorted and displayed by last names rather than first names.

In the Contacts app there is such a setting, with which you can sort the contacts by last name and also display them.

We will now explain where to find and activate this setting on the device in the Contacts app:

Open the Contacts app, then tap on the three items in the top right-hand corner and select "Settings" from the context menu:

  • First select "Sort by" and set the option to "Last Name"
  • Then select "Last Name Format" and then press "Last Name, First Name".

From now on your Samsung Galaxy A6 contacts will be sorted by last name in the Contacts app and displayed in the list with them.


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