Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Dictionary Disable Autocorrect - Tip

On the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus you will certainly notice when writing text that special words you write are automatically corrected. This is due to the so-called Auto Correction of the dictionary.

This corrects your words when you think they are misspelled. Unfortunately, autocorrection often misses its purpose and therefore you probably want to disable it. So you can deactivate the autocorrection of the dictionary on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.

To do this, navigate to the following submenu of the settings:

1. From the start screen, open the following navigation path:

App menu --> Settings --> General administration --> Language and input --> Screen keyboard --> Samsung keyboard --> Text recognition

2. In this submenu, you only need to set the following option to "inactive":

  • Replace automatically

From now on words will no longer be automatically replaced on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus when you tap the space bar.

This allows you to decide for yourself whether a word suggestion is better and then select it manually.

You now know how to deactivate the autocorrection on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus in the dictionary.


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