Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Disable automatic space on keyboard

If you bought the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus for the first time and wrote your first emails, WhatsApp messages and so on with the keyboard, you may have noticed that often a space is inserted automatically after a word.

Most of the time this is quite useful, often unfortunately not, so you have to delete the space again while writing a coherent word.

If you might want to uninstall it on your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus for this reason, the following instructions will show you how to switch off the auto spaces:

1. Start from the Home screen and then navigate to "Settings".

2. Navigate to "Language and Input"

3. Then open:

  • On-screen keyboard --> Samsung keyboard --> Intelligent Typing

4. In this submenu you can now select "automatic spaces" and then disable the option.

To do this, simply move the slider from "On" to "Off". This means that texts should no longer automatically begin with a space.

You have successfully deactivated the keyboard option on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.


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