Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus How to Activate Mobile Hotspot - Tethering

With a mobile HotSpot, you can access the mobile Internet of your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus with a laptop or other smartphone. With so-called tethering, the authorized device accesses the mobile data connection of your smartphone via W-Lan.

This is useful because it allows others to access the Internet. How to set up a W-Lan HotSpot on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus is explained here:

1. Open the app menu of your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus and then the settings of Android

2. Tap on "Connections" and then in the next submenu on "Mobile Hotspot and Tethering"

3. Then tap on "Mobile Hotspot" again and you can activate it on the one hand via the master control and on the other hand view the password for it.

You can also use the three-point symbol at the top right to call up further settings options for the Mobile HotSpot. You can choose:

  • Approved devices
  • Configure Mobile Hotspot
  • Timeout settings when no device is connected

The Tethering or Mobile W-Lan Hot Spot is a mature feature on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus and works fine.

If you have any questions, just write them to us in the comments.

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