Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Suppress your own phone number

When you make a call with the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus, your own phone number is usually displayed to the caller by default.

There are some calls where you don't want the called party to see their own phone number. For exactly this case you can suppress your own phone number. As a result, the caller can only see an "unknown" or "private number" on his telephone.

To suppress your own phone number with the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus, you must navigate to the following Android submenu:

1. On your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus, open the phone app and then the settings by tapping on the icon with the three dots at the top right

2. Scroll down here and then select "More settings".

3. The first entry is immediately: "Display your own phone number".

Stand by option:

  • Network Standard
  • Show your own phone number
  • Hide your own phone number

4. Select "Hide number" here. Done!

If you now call someone with your smartphone, they will not be able to see your number.


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