Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Turn around and mute - gesture control

By means of various gestures, the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus can control functions that you need frequently or very quickly in everyday life.

This includes, for example, muting the smartphone when you make a call so that it no longer rings.

For this there is the option "Mute by turning around". This gesture is golden on the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus, especially when you are sitting in a meeting or in a very quiet environment.

Below we will show you how to activate them:

1. Start from the Home screen and then open the App menu

2. Navigate to Settings and then select the "Advanced features" entry

3. Here you will find the "Simple mute" option - Select it and then activate the switch. That's it.

If you receive a call that you want to mute as quickly as possible, all you have to do is turn the Galaxy A6 Plus once, as if you were replacing the handset on an old phone.


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