Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Which Sim card is needed

Every smartphone needs a Sim card to be able to make phone calls or use the mobile data network. Currently there are three different Sim card sizes in circulation. The Standard, the Micro and the Nano-Sim card.

These sim cards are not compatible with each other or the card slots in the corresponding smartphones. This means that you need exactly one Sim card type for the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus. And this is the following:

The Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus requires the Nano Sim card as format. If you already have this format in use, then everything is okay. Otherwise, use one of the following variants to get a Nano Sim card:

Punch the Sim card yourself

You can purchase a Sim card punch or "punch". With this you can create a Nano Sim card by using a template from a standard or Micro Sim card. This is easy and also inexpensive. Such Sim cards puncher are available for example on Amazon.

Use perforation, if available

Many Sim cards, which are in circulation, have a perforation with which one can push a Nano Sim card quite simply out of the existing one. If you have such a card, then simply push out the Nano Sim card and insert it into your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus.

Request Nano Sim from your mobile operator

Another option is to request a new Sim card from your mobile operator. That is usually connected with costs around 20-25$. The dispatch of the Sim card goes fast and you receive the card mostly within 3 working days.

You now know which Sim card the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus needs and how to get such a Sim card format.

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