Samsung Galaxy "New Tag Recognized" - Meaning and how to disable it

It may happen that on your Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8 or S9 the following message is displayed in the status bar: "New Tag Recognized"

Under certain circumstances this message can appear very often one after the other and this is usually more annoying than advantageous. So where does this message "New day detected" come from?

Here we have for you the meaning, the cause and a simple method to deactivate this message:

The message "New tag detected" appears whenever there is an NFC tag nearby. This means that NFC is currently activated on your Samsung Galaxy.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a method of transmitting data over very short distances. But why does your Samsung Galaxy now recognize an NFC tag?

Many users use a smartphone case in which they also put their EC or credit card. Many of these cards are already prepared for contactless payment and therefore have an NFC chip integrated.

If you have now put your card directly behind the Samsung Galaxy in the case, then this recognizes of course a NFC chip and the message "New tag recognized" appears. Remedy creates here:

  • Deactivate NFC on Samsung Galaxy

Now you know why the message "New Tag detected" appears on your Samsung Galaxy and how to deactivate this message.

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