Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Error - Tips

If you like to take a picture with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you may get an error message on the display which is not so friendly. The language is from a "Warning - Camera error" or "Server error - Camera is restarted". No matter what the error message is, this is annoying and you want to fix the error as soon as possible. We have put together some tips to help you with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera error:

Camera Error on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – First aid

Tip 1: Perform restart

Usually the camera error can be solved very quickly by restarting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The cause is usually the Android operating system, which has been running for several days without a restart.

Tip 2: Reset camera app

You must now reset the Android camera app of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This works with the Android App Manager. To open it on your device, start from your home screen and tap:

  • Menu --> Settings --> Apps

Now searches in this list for the following entry: "Camera"

Once you have found the entry, type it in and it will open the app-information. In it you will find various buttons, which you have to touch in the following sequence:

  • Select the "Force stop" button.

Now open "Memory" and select it:

  • Empty cache button
  • Button "Delete data"

Note: Settings such as resolution, flash mode etc. are reset during this action! No photos or videos on note 8 will be deleted.

Tip 3: Execute Wipe Cache partition

This procedure is a bit more complicated. Resets or clears the cache of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This does not delete files! More information and how the Wipe Cache for Galaxy Note 8 works can be found here.

Tip 4: Check camera for defects

If the tips have not been able to do anything against the camera error before, then you have to check if your camera module is defective. Here's how it works:

  1. Opens the service menu on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Open Mega Cam.
  3. Result:
  • If you see a camera image and the device does not crash, then the hardware works, i. e. the camera module --> last chance to reset to factory settings.
  • If you do not see a camera image, the camera module of note 8 is most likely defective. Then there's only one last tip: the guarantee

Tip 5: Give the Galaxy Note 8 in the repair

If all the tips on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 don't work, all you have to do is send the device to Samsung for repair or return it to the carrier.

We hope that the "Warning - Camera error" or "Server error - camera is restarted" on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be solved by you with one of our 4 tips. Otherwise we hope that the repair will be done as soon as possible.

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