Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Disable Auto Correction

With a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you write a lot of text. Text in e-mails, SMS messages and WhatsApp. You may even be working in Word. Be that as it may, the Note 8 with Android system has the Samsung keyboard pre-installed. There is the auto correction function in this tool, which automatically corrects words that you supposedly misspelled when you tap the space bar. Unfortunately, the auto corrections are not always correct and therefore your text may be incorrect.

For this reason we explain here how to disable the keyboard function on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Open the following navigation path from the start screen:

App menu --> Settings --> General --> Language and input --> Screen keyboard --> Samsung keyboard --> Text recognition

In this submenu you only have to set the following option to "inactive":

  • Automatically replace

From now on, words are no longer automatically replaced on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when you tap the spacebar. This allows you to decide for yourself whether a word suggestion is better and then select it manually. Automatic correction is no longer performed.


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