Samsung Galaxy Note 8 How much does a display exchange cost?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a very large display with the property "Infinity Display". In plain language, this means that the edges are slightly bent to the right and left.

Unfortunately, it can happen that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 slips out of your hand and falls so badly that the display is damaged or gets a jump. Here, good advice is expensive and the question arises as to what a display exchange costs for the grade 8. Here we would like to give you a current assessment:

You can expect the following costs for a display exchange for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  • Display exchange at an approved specialist repair shop: from 320$

The screen as a spare part can also be found on Amazon (not yet available):

  • Galaxy Note 8 replacement display on Amazon

Here, however, you have to be very skilled in handling electronics in order to install the screen yourself. But if you are fit in such things and have fun, this is certainly a possibility for you.

Have you had any experience with changing the display of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Then tell us here in the comments.


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