Samsung Galaxy Note 8 How to Disable Battery Quick Charge function

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a battery that supports the ability to be quickly charged. This option is activated at the factory, so that your battery is usually almost fully charged within an hour. That's great, but quick charging always means "stress" for the battery and may be harmful in the long run or shortens the lifetime of the battery.

So if you don't care whether the battery is quickly charged or not, it doesn't hurt to disable the quick charge feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. How this works in Android is explained here:

Switch off the quick charge function on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

From the start screen, opens the App menu and then the following submenu:

Settings --> Device maintenance --> Battery

In this submenu, tap on the symbol with the three dots in the upper right corner and then select "Advanced settings". In the "Charging" section you will now find the desired option. Deactivate now:

  • Fast charging via cable

If you now connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the charger, it will charge with a lower charging current, which is more gentle on the built-in battery. You have successfully deactivated the quick charge on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which hopefully leads to a longer battery life.


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