Samsung Galaxy Note 8 QR Code Scanning - Enable browser extension

By means of a QR code you can read information very quickly. All you have to do is record the QR code using the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The corresponding extension, which then performs further actions, is located in the "Internet" browser and must be activated in the extensions. In the following we will show you how this works:

To do this, please open the App menu on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and open the "Internet" browser.

Tap the icon with the three dots in the top right corner and tap "Extensions".

Now activate the option "QR code reader".

Go back one step and tap the three-point symbol again - a new entry is available: Scan QR Code

Select the entry and you can now scan QR codes with your note 8:

You now know the possibility to scan your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 directly QR codes without having to install a new app.


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