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If you set up your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 after you have bought it, you will probably ask yourself after a while whether you need additional anti-virus software, similar to a Windows PC, and if so, which one.

Here we would like to give you a short explanation about the topic "Virus scanner on Android smartphones" and whether it is worthwhile for you to install an additional anti-virus scanner like Avast, Kapersky, Malwarebytes etc. on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Unlike a computer, an anti-virus scanner is more than a "malware scanner" on an Android system. This means that it searches your installed applications and checks if there are any noticeable patterns or known potential threats.

That's all it was. Additional functions such as a firewall, for example, are only possible with root privileges on an Android smartphone and very few of them have this, as otherwise the warranty of the device will be lost.

When does an additional anti-virus scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 make sense?

This question can be answered as follows:

Downloading applications from secure sources

If you load your applications from secure sources such as the Google Play Store or Amazon Application Market, you don't need an additional anti-virus scanner. Why? Because Google or Amazon check all applications coming into the store. An anti-virus scanner usually works less well than the systems of Google or Amazon do, which means again the following:

If an application that has included malware floods the market on Google or Amazon, it will not detect an anti-virus scanner on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If you run your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in this secure area, you don't need an extra virus scanner. In addition, Google now also offers even better protection for your apps with "Google Protect".

Virus scanners such as "Avast Mobile" will also consume more of the battery power of your Note 8, leaving this battery power for you to uninstall for other tasks.

Downloading applications from insecure sources

It's different if you download an APK file from the net and install it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We recommend that you install an additional scanner such as AVG or Avast, because there is no additional check by Google or Amazon.

If you load APKs from unknown sources, such as a website, you should install an additional virus scanner.

Additional information:

Using the integrated virus scanner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The virus scanner is located in the following submenu of the Android system:

Start screen --> Application menu --> Settings --> Device maintenance --> Device security

Here you will find a button with "Scan phone". When you touch it, you will be prompted to accept Intel Security's privacy policy.

This is the integrated virus scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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