Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Change Camera Resolution - Tip

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera can take great photos. Whether on vacation or at home, with the smartphone you always have a great camera with you.

We always recommend to set the highest possible resolution, because you can use the camera optimally.

How to change the resolution on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is explained step by step in the following instructions:

1. Open the camera app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

2. Now select the gear icon in the live camera image to switch to the camera settings

3. Tap on "Image Size"

4. You now have various options - choose the resolution that best suits your needs - the highest resolution that is possible.

  • That's 12 megapixels.

Please note that under certain circumstances the format of the photo may change with a different resolution.

This may then have an effect on the display on a TV, so that you can see black bars on the right and left, for example.

You now know how to set a different photo resolution for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera.

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